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21 Jun 2018

Lawn Care – Quick Tip

Quick Tip – Mow when the grass is dry!

Here is a quick tip for residents in Palm Bay. In Palm Bay, especially in the summer, we get more than our fair share of afternoon showers.  Ideally, you want to mow when grass is dry. Mowing a wet lawn will not destroy the grass, but it doesn’t yield the best results. Wet grass can fill and clogs a mower deck. Wet grass can also fall over and clump together as you mow, creating an uneven cut. Remove wet clumps from the lawn after mowing to avoid killing grass. With the weight of most mowers, mowing in rain drenched soil, you run the risk of creating wheel ruts and tearing up grass. If you must mow the lawn when it’s damp, use oil or silicone spray underside of your mower to help prevent grass from sticking. Also, make sure your mower blade is sharp to avoid ripping grass out of soil.

27 Apr 2018

New Website, New Look!

Welcome to our new website! Check out our growing gallery and come back often as we post helpful tips on keeping your lawn and garden beautiful all year long!